Toddlers Program

12 to 24 months


The Toddler program at New Horizons Montessori Academy is for children 12 months to 2 years of age.  We believe in each child's growth and development. We implement our  belief with a rich and and well prepared environment designed just for toddlers. In this program we take advantage of the toddler’s natural drive to act independently.Our toddler classroom is a place where the young child begins his/her steps towards independence and self-reliance.

Based on the American Montessori Society, our Toddler Program aims to achieve the following:

  • Foster the development of basic trust

  • Assist in the natural development of personality based on the uniqueness of each child

  • Respond appropriately to the child's needs to be loved, respected and accepted

  • Nurture toddlers through their senses and allow them to observe and move freely within limited boundaries

  • Foster independent eating

  • Maintain a flexible routine to the child's needs, yet predictable so that the toddler feels secure in his/her environment

  • Develop a stronger sense of self, self-confidence and independence

We employ the following tools and concepts:

  • Knowledge of Montessori philosophy and methodology appropriate for toddlers

  • Knowledge of early childhood development

  • Observational skills to assist the development of each child

  • Responsive environments to meet the child's curriculum

  • Verbal communication skills

  • Secure and resourceful envionment to meet each child's developmental needs

Our program is designed to focus on practical life behavior, language improvement, sensory enhancement, math, music, art and science.