Our Vision

All children are unique.


Children are full of imagination and curiosity. They deserve to enjoy their creativity and express their individuality to its fullest potentional.

At New Horizons Montessori Academy, we aspire to nurture and empower our students so they can develop an awareness of their individuality. We call our students ‘friends’ — because we believe in the Montessori vision of preparing a a caring and creative environment in the classroom, and beyond.

Our vision is bold: to guide our young friends to become responsible, innovative, individual citizens. Through encouraging them to work based on their own interests, emphasizing their uniqueness and their freedom to learn, and building their academic, social, intellectual, emotional and spiritual intelligence — we believe we can accomplish just that.

As Maria Montessori once said: “We discovered that education is not something which the teacher does, but that it is a natural process which develops spontaneously in the human being.”

At NHMA, we believe in that natural process, and our entire faculty’s mission is to facilitate that in a secure, nurturing, diverse and academic environment. We believe in four core values: love, peace, respect and encouragement.

If you are interested in our vision, or are intrigued by the Montessori way, or are merely looking for an alternative — Schedule a Visit. We would love to show you our expanding, scenic twelve-acre campus, and tell you more about the method we employ and the vision we firmly believe in.


Rashida Tahir
Head of Montessori