We believe every child is unique. It’s our job to empower and encourage their creativity.

New Horizons Montessori Academy is a Montessori school located in the heart of Exton, PA on a 12-acre, wooded, scenic private campus.



We accept children who exhibit readiness for our Montessori program. A child's admission will not be determined on the basis of academic skills, but rather on the child's ability to communicate, cooperate, and most importantly, the child's willingness to accept the mastering of new experiences. 

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Toddlers Program (12-24 mo)

The Toddler program at New Horizons Montessori Academy is for children 12 months to 2 years of age.  We believe in each child's growth and development.

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Pre-Primary (2-3 years)

We all know just how beautiful and crucial these years are. Accordingly, we pledge to prepare our classrooms to be enticing and ready to meet the needs of our students.

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Primary (4-5 years)

Many Montessori materials that we use in our primary classroom, such as constructive triangles and trinomial box are concrete representations of mathematical concepts that reappear in later schooling (reappears starting 4th grade in conventional education).

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Today’s students.
Tomorrow’s leaders.

We nurture and empower our students so that they develop awareness of the uniqueness within themselves.